Planning Research in the Falkland Islands?

Here a useful check list to be consulted before arriving to the Falklands.

Familiarise with the Falkland Islands data policy and environmental data recommendations. If you collaborate with a local organisation, please liaise with it as soon as you can. Use time wisely as it is never enough and on the islands resources are limited.


Please download the Research Licence Agreement guidelines and application form (also available from the FIG Environmental and Planning webpage) and rememeber to send the licence application to the Falkland Islands collaborating partner(s), if any, before submitting it to the FIG Environmental officer.


Contact the local organisation hosting you or collaborating with you in the research project well in advance (at least a month) to discuss about your plan and its logistic. The timeframe for getting the research permit is specified in the guideline. If you work as independent researcher contact the FIG Environmental Officer (mail in the Licence agreement guideline and application).


Much of the Falkland Islands land area is actively farmed and/or is in private ownership.  In order to access such areas you need to contact the landowner well in advance to seek permission. Use this map and this Google Earth kml file to locate the name and the owner of the farm. Remember that spring/summer is a very busy period of the year and land may not be always accessible.


Before leaving the islands contact the IMS-GIS data manager at SAERI and ensure that you have filled in the metadata record and that there is an agreement on when to send a copy of your data to the Falkland Islands data centre (as specified in the research permit form).