The main aim of this project was to create an online data repository which allows people to identify the data available for the UKOTs in the South Atlantic region. After the first two and a half years the Falklands, Ascension Island and Saint Helena contributed actively to the project. The British Antarctic Survey manages the data for South Georgia and a visit to Tristan da Cunha will allow understanding which solution, in terms of data management, is more feasible for the most remote inhabited island of the South Atlantic.

In order to build the online repository it is essential to collate the metadata, a term that literally means data about the data. Organisations and researchers collecting/generating data in the South Atlantic UKOTs are requested to fill in a metadata form, which is a simplified version of the standard ISO 19115 form. Ascension Island, Saint Helena and the Falkland Islands are working on the same data management system. In each island there is a data manager, who is responsible for the collection of the metadata. The metadata file, once completed and quality checked, is entered into a database and quarterly uploaded to the central database (kept in the Falklands) and to the online catalogue. 

As far as the users are concerned, the instructions for completing the requested fields are in the same file.

The standard metadata form and the metadata catalogue set the basis for data discovery. A common data strategy on how to approach data access, licensing and sharing has been developed and depicted below.

Once discovered within the metadata catalogue, data can be accessed by sending a request to the data custodian specified in the metadata form. For the data hosted within the data centre of each island a data request form is available here.

Owners that submit their data to the IMS/GIS data centre should use the data submission agreement which describes and defines the terms and conditions and responsibilites of both the IMS-GIS data centre and the data submitter. The agreement is effective only for submission to the IMS-GIS data centre in the Falkland Islands. Different agreements will apply to the other territories.