News and Activities

Data management training in Tristan da Cunha

A visit by Dr iLaria Marengo to Tristan da Cunha was planned from the 8th of May to the end of June. Unfortunately the trip has been cancelled. Hopefully, there may be another opportunity to plan the training course in QGIS in 2016.

IMS-GIS data centre consultancy

The IMS-GIS data centre now provides consultancy services on GIS to privates individuals and industry. This is done either independently or in partnership with Environment Systems, our main collaborators in UK and an experienced group in Remote Sensing analysis. Through this service, we can provide support for data analysis using GIS and Earth Observation techniques.

The GIS team of the IMS-GIS data centre is growing

Samantha Cherrett will take on the role of the Saint Helena Environmental Data & GIS Specialist/IMS and GIS Data Centre Project Officer from May 2014

Samantha gained an honours degree in Earth Science at the University of Portsmouth (UK), covering various natural, environmental science and geographical information systems modules during her time at university. She developed a keen interest in GIS during a 15-month placement working within the GIS department at Brent Council, and was keen to continue working with GIS after graduation. Since leaving university, Samantha has spent almost ten years working in the consulting engineering industry, developing GIS skills in Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation, Civil and Structural engineering disciplines. She enjoys finding way to expand the use of GIS and its capabilities across subjects, and getting the most out of data with a geographical aspect.

Samantha, who was was drawn to St Helena by the marine, terrestrial and geological natural beauty, also has experience with Quality Management and hopes to use this knowledge to assist with the organisation of St. Helena’s GIS data.