Metadata Catalogue

Search for data collected in the UK Overseas Territories of the South Atlantic region. Please use meaningful keywords (e.g. albatross, penguins, plants, habitat, farm, boundaries, Ascension, etc) and all the data that have a link with the word you typed will be brought back from the online search and listed. Then click on the title of the dataset and read through the metadata form which can be downloaded here. Details on who, where, when and how the data have been collected are provided to you. In addition, you will be informed on who owns the data and who is the custodian and resource provider.

As part of the data management policy within the SA UKOTs, please request the data using this data request form and sending it to the data custodian as specified in the metadata form. Open access data do not need of a data request form. To access these data send an e-mail to the data custodian specified in the metadata form. Please note that custodianships of the data of the SA UKOTs is also provided by organisations external to the IMS-GIS data centre. There organisations can be enquired using the email address provided in the metadata form. 

Alternatively to the online search below, a full list of metadata for each territory is available by clicking on the territory’s coat of arms. Falkland Islands and South Georgia NEW UPDATE April 2018. Tristan da Cunha last update September 2017. Ascension island last update August 2016 and Saint Helena last update March 2016.

Saint Helena Coat of Arms