The ICEFISH 2004 Cruise: Biological Sampling of Sub-Antarctic Marine Habitats from Punta Arenas to Cape Town

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In the continuing series of talks presented by SAERI, Professor Bill Detrich, a visiting scientist to the Falkland Islands from the Marine Science Centre at Northeastern University, Boston, USA, is presenting his research as part of the ICEFISH Cruise.

Bill is the chief scientist of the IceFish cruise. In 2004, he organised and led the IceFIsh cruise that took 30 scientists from Cape Town to Punta Arenas via Tristan Da Cunha, South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia and the Falklands. The studies included fisheries science, biodiversity surveys, biotechnology, genetic sampling etc. An upcoming new cruise is also on the horizon. Bill has been working for over 25 years in the US Antarctic research program, on the ice and on ships around the Southern Ocean. He has written several books about his work, published many scientific papers and supervised students.

The talk is taking place at Bittersweet Cafe on Wednesday 11th March at 5pm