The Falkland Islands Science Symposium

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During January this year, the SAERI hosted a group of Pan-American scientists for the first Falkland Islands Science Symposium. Delegates came from Universities throughout the Americas, including from the US, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. During a week of workshops and field trips, we showcased the fantastic opportunities for environmental research not only within the Falkland Islands, but the wider region encompassing the South Atlantic Overseas Territories. Presentations from local scientists provided a great background to the scientific work being conducted in the region and reciprocal presentations from our visiting international scientists provided us with an insight of what could be done given further facilities, resources and collaboration. One of the greatest achievements was that all of the delegates, local and overseas, made strong connections, friendships and potential research partners.

The proceedings of the Symposium, detailing the work that was presented, the discussions had and some of the exciting opportunities have now been completed and are available for download here.