Dr Alexander (Sasha) Arkhipkin

Senior Research Fellow

Sasha is senior fisheries scientist with the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department based in Stanley, Falkland Islands, specializing in marine biology, ecology and fisheries. After his graduation from the Biological Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, he joined the Laboratory of Commercial Invertebrates of the Atlantic Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (AtlantNIRO) in Kaliningrad. During the next 16 years, he worked on biology, ecology and fisheries of cephalopods in the Northwest, tropical and Southwest Atlantic, as well as Northwest, tropical and South-east Pacific. In 1989, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis ‘Age and growth of the squid of family Ommastrephidae’ in the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow. In 1995, he worked as Visiting Professor in Istituto di Tecnologia della Pesca e del Pescato (ITPP), Mazara del Vallo, Italy on a project on population parameters and abundance of Mediterranean squid. Since 1998, he is working in the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department as Head of Scientific Section, leading scientific work and providing advice on the management of commercial cephalopod and fish stocks around the Falkland Islands.