Dr Alastair Baylis

Senior Research Fellow

Al gained his PhD in 2008 from the University of Adelaide studying the foraging ecology of New Zealand fur seals in South Australia. Currently he is completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine at Murdoch University. His recent posts include the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, where he worked with the UBC Marine Mammal Research Unit on Northern fur seals. During his time as Conservation Officer at Falklands Conservation, Al applied his broad research interests in marine predator foraging ecology and population dynamics to develop a range of projects including the influence of climate variability on gentoo penguins, winter migration in black-browed albatross, and fur seal diet. Now based at Deakin University and working closely with Dr Iain Staniland (BAS), Al’s principal research interest is in developing a long-term project on the little studied populations of southern sea lions and South American fur seals breeding at the Falkland Islands.