SAERI Annual Report 2015-16

We are happy to present our Annual Report for 2015. SAERI has continued to develop at a very pleasing and increasing rate with 2015 seeing a great deal of activity in terms of its academic and commercial activities. As you will see from the content of this report, our work is diverse and far reaching throughout the South Atlantic Overseas Territories (SAOTs). Notable high profile highlights include two international symposia, the Pan-America Science Symposium took place on January 2015 and the ‘South Georgia Future Science’ project in October, hosted in Stanley. Another important highlight of the year was the graduation of SAERI’s first PhD student (in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen), Alexandra Mystikou. In September we welcomed Tara Pelembe as our new Deputy Director. Tara is a good friend of the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) and is well known across the South Atlantic. There are challenging and exciting times ahead, particularly around the incorporation of SAERI as a private institute. To help lead this we have appointed a new Business and Research Manager, Teresa McNeill. SAERI has made significant progress since its establishment in 2012. This annual report focusses on the main projects that have been implemented during the year 2015, celebrating some of the key highlights for the period.

T. Pelembe, P. Brickle, T. McNeill (2016). South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute Annual Report 2015.

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