Public Outreach

The success of the Dolphins of the Kelp project is mainly due to the support and participation of local partners, stakeholders and community. A number of public outreach initiatives have been conducted during the first six months of the project. These included four presentations and two appearances in the local newspapers the Penguin News. Some other material in downloadable here including the Photo ID catalogue for Peale’s dolphin, two ID cards and two of the research protocol used.

List of material available:

  • Presentations made on board of the HMS Enterprise during a 10-days trip to South Georgia (in pdf):
  • Presentation made at the Community School in Stanley (download PDF): Dolphin of the kelp – 30th of March 2017.
  • Presentation made at the Chamber of Commerce within the SAERI series (download PDF): Hear About Falkland Flipping Dolphins – 20th of April 2017.
  • Penguin News articles:

    Falklands dolphin study underway – 23rd of December 2016
    Dolphins of the Kelp Update: Exploration of the West Falklands – 31st of March 2017

    Summary of material available in the page:


    • Article on the Blog Meertex about the South Georgia expedition on board of the HMS Enterprise (in German – available in English soon)
    • ID-cards for: