Teresa McNeill

Business & Research Manager

Teresa is a rounded business professional who specialises in environmental and human sustainability. She graduated in 2007 with an MBA from the Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 2014 from SOAS (London) with an MSc in Sustainable Development, specialising in Environmental Management. She established, implemented and managed the Anglo American Green Fund, a fund of ZAR100 million for investment into environmental businesses with investments ranging from Concentrated Solar Power plants to biofuels to waste management. She has also specialised in establishing entities linked to charity organisations that aim to provide alternative sources of income to reduce donor dependency. In running her own consultancy she has worked further with charity organisations, assisted with forensic auditing and developed waste management solutions for South African communities. Her role at SAERI is to incorporate the Institute as a separate entity, create and maintain strong governance within the organisation, explore, create commercial opportunities for revenue generation to ensure the sustainability of the organisation - while maintaining the strong Falkland Islands links it enjoys today  - and ensure that SAERI is a compelling proposition for investment and as a globally renowned research institute.