Jessica Jones

PhD Student

After the completion of a BSc in Marine Biology at Swansea University, Jess studied an MSc in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, finishing with a distinction in 2013. A few months later she successfully obtained a position as a Scientific Fisheries Observer with the Falkland Island Fisheries Department. During her two years as an observer she undertook extensive field work, spending more than 340 days at sea and started a project analysing the morphometry of the commercially targeted Patagonian long-finned squid (Doryteuthis gahi). This project grew and was offered to her as a PhD (in Zoology), funded by the Falkland Island Government and in collaboration with SAERI, at the University of Aberdeen. Her PhD focuses on determining the population connectivity of D.gahi within Falkland Island Waters both geographically and temporally, using a combination of age analysis, Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA ICP-MS) and geometric morphometric analysis.