Daniel Bayley

Dan is working with SAERI as a visiting researcher working on the South Atlantic Overseas Territories’ Natural Capital Assessment project. His work aims to assess the Giant kelp ‘Blue carbon’ storage and sequestration value in the Falkland Islands.

Dan is also currently completing his PhD with the Natural History Museum, University College London and the Zoological Society of London back in the UK. His research topic is ‘Empirical and mechanistic approaches to understanding and projecting change in coastal marine communities’ with a focus on shallow tropical reef systems. Before his PhD he worked as an advisor for JNCC for 3 years helping to create a network of offshore marine protected areas (MPAs) around the UK. Before this he worked at the Marine Biological Association and the Countryside council for Wales on creating inshore MPAs and monitoring their benthic recovery.

He completed an MSc at Bangor University in 2010 looking at assessing variation in benthic composition and physical structure of the Chagos archipelago following disturbance, and he completed his BSc at Edinburgh University in 2006. He is a keen diver and has worked on a number of projects in the tropics around the world since University, focussing on reef coral and fish projects.