Work Package 4:

Stakeholder engagement and maintenance of MSP tools (GIS database, WebGIS and webpage).

Stakeholder engagement is key to the success of the MSP II project.  In light of this, a revised MSP Stakeholder Group has been formed and meets at regular intervals.

Presenting the AFCAS proposals to stakeholders during a consultation public meeting in Stanley.

Following the public consultation process on the AFCAS proposals, the MSP Project Manager (Neil Golding) presented the outcomes of the consultation, including proposed revisions to the proposals, at the Rural Business Association (RBA) of the Falklands Farmers Week, in Stanley.


Presenting revisions to the AFCAS proposals, post-consultation, to audience at RBA Farmers Week in July 2017.


Engaging with stakeholders at the RBA Farmers Week in July 2017.


An important aspect of the project has been to maintain the Marine Spatial Planning webGIS, which was created as part of the original Darwin-Plus funded MSP project.  As new layers are created as part of MSP II, they will be updated on the MSP WebGIS.