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Welcome to SAERI

The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) is a Research Institute conducting scientific and academic research in the South Atlantic and beyond. It aims to deliver world-class environmental research from the Falkland Islands that informs the effective stewardship of our planet through partnership working and to build capacity and inform the delivery of global environmental stewardship.

Photos by Dr Judith Brown and SMSG unless otherwise stated

What we do

Our approach centres around three focal areas: Ecosystems; Earth Science; Remote Sensing and Data Science. Cross-cutting support for delivery of these focal areas is derived from five pillars of strength: An independently international institution firmly embedded in the South Atlantic; Regional and international research co-ordination through multi-organisational, multinational institutional collaboration and through wide networks of credible local and international research fellows and associates; Robust informatics, data management and GIS systems; ‘On the ground’ logistical support for research and researchers, and capacity building and technical support within the region and Sustainable resources and funding supported by a commercial, consultancy arm.

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Latest News

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Covid-19 Update


I last wrote to our colleagues, partners and collaborators to inform you of the arrangements SAERI has in place to continue our work as part of the response to Covid-19 on 27th March 2020. At that time, following Falkland Islands Government advice, we asked our teams to work from home and implemented policies to minimise …

Dr Narissa Bax visit IJS&CE year 5 students


Infant Junior School & Camp Education (IJS&CE) Year 5 were lucky enough today to have a visit from marine biologist Dr. Narissa Bax. The class had just finished reading ‘White Dolphin’ by Gill Lewis, which deals with issues of marine protection around the coastal waters of the U.K. Dr Bax, SAERI’s Marine and Coastal Program …

SAERI’s Executive Director, Dr Paul Brickle has been awarded the prestigious Ecological Society of America W. S. Cooper award


We are super excited that SAERI’s Executive Director, Dr Paul Brickle has been awarded the prestigious Ecological Society of America W. S. Cooper award ( with co-authors, which recognises the outstanding scientific paper led by Dulcinea Geoff. Full paper citation and link: Dulcinea V. Groff, Kit Hamley, Trevor J. R. Lessard, Kayla E. Greenawalt, Moriaki …

Movements in the deep: Using deep-sea loggers to track longline movements on the seabed.


Dr Tabitha Pearman, Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems Project With the assistance of the crew from the CFL Hunter the Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) Project has been deploying loggers onto longlines to measure longline movement on the seabed. The ability to measure longline movement is very exciting because it gives us our first ever insight into how …

SAERI Scientists attends Careers Day 2022


Amy Constantine SAERI scientists, were once again happy to receive an invitation to Careers Day 2022 to share their research highlighting some of the amazing opportunities available to those thinking of following a career in science. Careers Day is a day to showcase to all students attending the Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) the varied …