Earth Observation (EO) is the collection of information about the earth’s surface (including aquatic environments) using remote sensing tools, e.g. satellite imagery, aerial photography, drone footage, radars, sonars. Through the generation of products (e.g. maps, data visualisation), Earth Observation data can then be used to measure and monitor different features of the environment over time, which can feed into management and decision-making processes from the regional to local scale. EO data has the potential to reduce long-term costs and can be used as a tool to bridge the gaps between science and decision-making.

The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI), together with its partners: the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, the Universidad de Magalleanes (UMAG); Universidad Santo Tomás (Santiago), Universidad de Chile and the University of Dundee, is developing a virtual centre of excellence to bring together providers and users of EO enabling them to work together on common problems to exploit EO in the South Atlantic and South American region. The Centre will include researchers, government bodies, NGOs, and the private sector.



  • To create a long term and sustainable Earth Observation Centre of Excellence that develops remote sensing techniques and promotes their application in science, industry and society through a network of collaborators.


  • To become the platform to utlise EO through a tailored network of countries and territories in the South Atlantic and South American region (the Southern Cone) and beyond. The centre will support and facilitate government bodies, NGOs, researchers and the private sector to make informed decisions in their use of EO data, enabling them to develop action plans and strategies for the sustainable development of the region.
  • To bring together scientists with a background on geospatial science, build working collaborations among research institutes, focus on topics that are relevant to the users within the South Atlantic Region and organise knowledge transfer across territories. In fact, learning facilities, capacity building and making data and tools open and available to a much wider public are some of the aims of the EO centre of excellence.
  • To create a tool box of solutions for common issues.


The main objectives of EOCoE are:

  • to discover how EO, in combination with current activities and in situ data availability, can make a positive contribution to the region;
  • to build capacity by enhancing skills and capabilities of network members, empowering them to successfully deploy and use EO technologies;
  • to develop “out of region” partnerships to bring in additional capability through capacity, skills transfer and funding
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