Covid-19 Update

I last wrote to our colleagues, partners and collaborators to inform you of the arrangements SAERI has in place to continue our work as part of the response to Covid-19 on 27th March 2020. At that time, following Falkland Islands Government advice, we asked our teams to work from home and implemented policies to minimise movement and contact wherever possible, effectively closing our Falkland Islands Office.

Since that time, the situation across the world has continued to develop and change.

We are fortunate that The Falkland Islands currently has no active cases of COVID-19. With local testing facilities now established and strict rules regarding quarantine of new arrivals into the islands, The Falkland Islands Government has relaxed it’s COVID-19 restrictions.

This means that our Falkland Islands Office is now open again, but with strict social distancing and hygiene guidelines in place. Whilst we are welcoming visitors again, we would encourage anyone planning on visiting our office to arrange an appointment in advance and follow social distancing guidelines.

Our staff are still equipped with the IT resources to accommodate working from home, should the situation change further. This includes e-mails and conferencing facilities to ensure that our staff keep safe, keep our community safe and indeed to maintain delivery of our projects and programmes. We will continue to review these arrangements, but at present they remain in place until the current guidance on non-essential travel and social distancing changes.

For anyone looking ahead to the upcoming field research season, we would encourage you to get in touch with us so we can keep you updated with restrictions in the Falkland Islands. Our team is always happy to provide advice and support to collaborators and visiting scientists, particularly during these unprecedented times.

Please get in touch with me via email if you have any questions and for usual communication. Also note that all of our staff are on their own SAERI e-mails and can be contacted this way. Additionally you can keep up with our latest news and projects on our website and via social media.

Stay well and safe.

Paul Brickle

Executive Director

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