Since the activities in the South Atlantic Overseas Territories started in September 2013, the IMS-GIS (Information Management System and Geographic Information System) Data Centre has demonstrated that continuity and engagement with local stakeholders is fundamental for the realisation and establishment of a central and standard system for data management, accessibility and sharing in the region. The Data Centre is contributing to the enhancement of data science and data services in the South Atlantic UKOTs and in other islands and territories that shows similar needs and interest in making their data a usable and accessible asset.



GIS Officer and Database Manager
Jack is a GIS specialist with a background in climate change. As the GIS Officer and Database Manager, Jack has quite a wide range of tasks. Half of his work is providing support to FIG departments, such as setting up databases to store information or creating web maps that can be accessed through the internet without specialist software. Jack also manages the data portal ( which is a repository for data collected during research projects, it provides data to anyone wishing to use it.
The other half of Jack’s work is to support SAERI projects, managing the IMS-GIS Data Centre, he often helps to conduct spatial data analysis for the team. This includes some projects further afield such as St. Helena and Namibia. Sometimes he gets to get out into the field too, having helped with the Darwin Plus Wetlands Project.
Jack graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc (Hons) in Geography with Earth System Science and an MSc in Climate Change Risk Management. His studies focused on palaeoclimatic records from lake cores in Argentina and China. Following this, Jack worked as a climate change risk resilience consultant in South America for a few years before returning to the UK to begin managing agricultural and environmental projects for the Royal Agricultural University. Jack then began to specialize in GIS, using location intelligence and route modelling in the recycling industry. In his free time, Jack enjoys climbing, cycling and surfing (even if the water is only 5ºC!)


GIS Specialist 
(Natural GIS)



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