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14 August 2020

Steffi Carter talked to Traighana Smith at Falklands Radio about the final soil maps. Listen to the interview below.

30 July 2020

WebGIS maps available online.

30 July 2020

Soil interpretation guide published.

10 July 2020

Dr Steffi Carter and Dr Paul Brickle talk to FITV about calcified seaweed

23 June 2020

Project partners Jim McAdam, Matt McNee and Sergio Radic publish two articles on Falkland soils in Woolpress.

Woolpress May June 2020 Soil acidity and aluminium toxicity

Woolpress May June 2020 Soils in the Falklands

14 & 17 February 2020

A soil mapping workshop updates stakeholders on project progress and demonstrates preliminary maps in Stanley and Fox Bay.

19 January 2020

The fieldwork finished with the completion of four points on Weddell Islands.

5 December 2019

World Soil Day – Traighana Smith at Falklands Radio discusses the characteristics of Falklands soils.

19 November 2019

Steffi Carter joins the Overseas Territory Session at the CIEEM Autumn Conference with a presentation outlining the environmental benefits of the soil mapping project. 

3 November 2019

Fieldwork Campaign 3 commences. 

8 October 2019

Project Partner Matt Aitkenhead attends the Soil Organic Matters symposium in Adelaide and highlights our soil mapping project.

30 September 2019

30 July 2019

Project partner Anne Jungblut writes about soil microbiology fieldwork in the Falklands 

17 July 2019

Steffi Carter speak with Nick Roberts from Falklands Radio about greenhouse gas fluxes from, and their relation to, Falkland Soils

16 July 2019

Project partner Jim McAdam writes about his 2019 trip to the Falklands

11 July 2019

CO2 flux measurements on Stanley Common begin

30 June 2019

Steffi Carter presents the soil project at Farmer’s Week and talks with Falkland Islands Radio

22 March 2019

Steffi Carter and Gwawr Jones complete soil surveys on Saunders Island

12 February 2019

Soil surveyor Roberto Jara Langhaus writes about his fieldwork experiences in the Falklands

26 January 2019

Fieldwork Campaign 2 commences!

25 November 2018

Fieldwork Campaign 1 commences!

21 November 2018

Steffi Carter speaks with Gavin Short from Falklands Radio about the Soil Mapping Project

Part 1
Part 2

23 August 2018

Project manager Steffi Carter takes up her role with an intense training course on Falkland soils.

April 2018

iLaria Marengo and Jim McAdam speak to Gavin Short on the radio about Falkland Soils

23 March 2018

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