Dr Narissa Bax visit IJS&CE year 5 students

Dr Narissa Bax showing her presentation to year 5 students

Infant Junior School & Camp Education (IJS&CE) Year 5 were lucky enough today to have a visit from marine biologist Dr. Narissa Bax. The class had just finished reading ‘White Dolphin’ by Gill Lewis, which deals with issues of marine protection around the coastal waters of the U.K.

Dr Bax, SAERI’s Marine and Coastal Program Coordinator (MCPC) came to talk to pupils about how this relates to protecting and maintaining the coastal waters around the Falkland Islands and its rich biodiversity.

some comments from students were:

“I didn’t know that there were corals in the Falklands, I thought you only had them in places like Australia”

“It was amazing to find out about all the creatures in the sea that are here in the Falklands, there’s so many!”

Narissa shared with the class videos from fieldwork:

“I liked learning all about the creatures of the deep, especially the crustaceans” 

Year 5 student

“The video of the crabs was incredible”

Year 5 Student

The Year 5 pupils were fascinated and thoroughly enjoyed the talk and are now eager to do what they can to protect Falkland coastal water for now and future generations.

“I now know that we need to keep the sea safe”

Year 5 student


Thank you to Mr Mean and Mrs Mageed for organising this visit as part of the IJS freedom week and the John Ellerman Foundation for funding the Marine and Coastal Program Coordinator position at SAERI.

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