Falkland Islands Weather Station recordings

Through collaborations between SAERI’s DarwinPlus Soil Mapping Project and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) in Bangor, UK, we received a Davis VantagePro automatic weather station (AWS) on permanent loan. This is now set up behind the Department of Agriculture on a sturdy structure, which will hopefully make it last a long time in the Falklands’ winds.
Gathering continuous weather data will allow us to build a data set with long-term climatic data. The data will feed into SAERI’s current on-going projects but can also be requested by anyone who is interested in the data, whether they are local stakeholders or visiting researchers.
Here on this website we present the data in monthly and annual summaries for the following parameters:
- Minimum, mean and maximum air temperature (°C)
- Rainfall (mm)
- Rain rate (mm/hr)
- Solar radiation (W/m2)
- Wind speed (km/h)
- Wind direction


Will be updated once the year is completed
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