Farmers Week 2022

Amy Constantine

From the 3rd -10th July 2022 the annual Farmers Week organised by the Falkland Islands Rural Business Association (RBA) that takes place in Stanley, kicked off with the Farmers Week Expo in the Town Hall. The Expo initiates a busy week of events organised by the RBA, which includes talks on education, tourism and transport to name a few and includes activities like Fire Training.

On Sunday, 3rd July, the SAERI team once again took the opportunity to attend the Expo to promote what SAERI is doing locally in the Falklands and how the research also extends to the other UK OTs in the South Atlantic.

The local knowledge, access and assistance of the Landowners in the Falkland Islands is particularly important when considering the type of environmental studies undertaken by an institution such as SAERI; and are all vital to the success of this work. It was great to chat to the community and the farmers about the various work SAERI does and having a chat about past and current projects. 

Dr Steffi Carter conducted a Ph. & water salinity test with the public on water samples taken from the sea, tap and a pond from Wireless Ridge, whilst explaining how ph. and the salinity differs in each sample and how other factors can changes these. She added calcified seaweed to some of the samples to also show how this changes the ph.

On Tuesday 5th July, Dr Steffi Carter joined the RBA with a presentation on ‘Long-term environmental monitoring in the Falklands – examples of terrestrial and aquatic data logging’.

We hope that the RBA and their members enjoyed the busy week and we want to thank them for their hard work organising it and for inviting us to be a part of it.

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