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Our Story

Established in 2012 SAERI is a research institute with its main base in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Originally a department within the Falkland Islands Government, we became an independent organisation in 2017.

SAERI is firmly embedded in research across all of the South Atlantic Islands, with partners in the public and private sector.

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised academic institute with its main base in the Falkland Islands, operating in the South Atlantic from the equator down to the ice in Antarctica, conducting world class natural and physical science research, teaching students, and building capacity within and between the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories.

SAERI is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission under Charity number 1173105. It is also entered on the register of Charities in the Falkland Islands with registration number C47.

Strategically, SAERI aims to be a world-class research institute that teaches students and builds capacity within and between the South Atlantic Overseas Territories. In order to achieve that it must be:

  • Project optimised – by operating as a streamlined and efficient organisation through the Focal Areas;
  • Fully funded – Falklands registered limited company is able to fund SAERI overheads, ensuring SAERI ultimately becomes fully financially independent from Falkland Islands Government and by ensuring that all grant applications (where possible) contain cost of seat coverage; and
  • The holder of proprietary environmental knowledge of the South Atlantic – by continuing to provide the research expertise offered to date.