Each territory in the South Atlantic welcomes scientists and researchers from all over the world. Local administrations and governments consider the scientific investigation extremely valuable as it enables to gain more understanding of the factors and variables that underlie the environment and the socio-economic aspects of their islands.

Data from research works provide evidence for the decision making process on environmental, planning, conservation and general development issues.

It is extremely important that the relationship between researchers and local communities thrives. Logistic and technical support is generally provided by the local governments and it is ensured for projects that contribute to the strategic objectives of the territory and where an arrangement with the local partners is made well in advance. Planning ahead is preferable and take into account time, availability and workload of the local staff.

In order to carry out a research project or an environmental survey in any of the South Atlantic UKOTs it is necessary to fill in a Research Permit Application. The list below provides the latest forms requested by each territory. It is important to read them properly and in advance before planning the research fieldwork and arriving to the territory.

Darwin Plus Initiative project (DPLUS)

Anyone who has interest in applying for or has been granted of a DPLUS project in Ascension Island, Saint Helena, Falkland Islands and South Georgia (in partnership with SAERI) should also read these guidelines

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