Marine Fauna and Flora of the Falkland Islands

This project was established by the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute with funding from the Falkland Islands Government and the Falkland Islands Petroleum Licensees Association. The aim is to provide a resource to support environmental monitoring, particularly activities associated with oil and gas exploration in the offshore areas around the Falkland Islands EEZ. In addition it is hoped that this will be a resource for other researchers interested in working in the benthic environment of the Falkland Islands. The marine environment of the Islands is still a frontier area with many species yet to be discovered. Biological samples collected as part of hydrocarbons exploration has provided a wealth of material new to science and species yet to be described and named.

The aim of this website is to provide taxonomic information on the marine fauna and flora found in the  waters around the Falkland Islands. The fauna and flora of the Patagonian Shelf around the Falkland Islands are poorly known and this scratchpad is an attempt to provide taxonomic information to try to improve our knowledge of the marine biodiversity.  The first focus of this study is the polychaete worms. These annelids are common members of the offshore benthos. This website provides taxonomic information on the species collected as part of an extensive environmental baseline study.

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