Marine Spatial Planning for the Falkland Islands

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Please feel free to browse and download documents relating to the MSP Project.

Scientific presentations

21 April 2016: Presentation at Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Peterborough, UK, by Amélie Augé. ‘Initiating Marine Spatial Planning in the Falkland Islands’. Presentation slides (PDF, 2.9MB)

18 April 2016: Presentation at the workshop ‘Towards an evidence-based MPA for Ascension Island’, Foreign Commonwealth Office, London, UK, by Amélie Augé. ‘Spatial data, mapping and webGIS for evidence-based MSP’

4 April 2016: A whale of a tale: using local knowledge to predict baleen whale distribution around the Falkland Islands. by Veronica F Frans, Amélie A Augé, Jan O Engler and Hendrik Edelhoff. US-IALE 2016, Ashville, North Carolina, USA .Presented at US-IALE by Veronica Frans.

15 August 2015: Marine spatial planning, GIS, and biofouling risk assessment by iLaria Marengo and Amélie A Augé. Presented at the workshop ‘Biosecurity in South Atlantic Overseas Territories’, Ascension Island by iLaria Marengo (research collaborator). Presentation slides (PDF, 6.2MB)

19 January 2015: Presentation at Falkland Islands Science Symposium, Stanley, Falkland Islands by Amélie Augé.


One of the main attributes of a successful MSP process is its openness and public outreach, in particular with local stakeholders and communities. In order to fulfil this attribute, a number of public outreach initiatives have been conducted during the length of the project. These included a public MSP consultation evening and a number of public presentations in Stanley that have provided opportunities to teach the community about MSP and its potential benefits. Face-to-face interviews conducted in camp for some sub-projects have provided an opportunity to talk to many people. Along with these presentations, a number of appearances in the local media (TV, radio and the Penguin News, the local newspapers) have also taken place.

You can download some of the public communication material: 
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