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Protecting the Blue Belt: SAERI partners with the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on a new project.

Dr Dan Bayley

SAERI recently started a new project in partnership with the government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) titled ‘Safeguarding South Georgia’s Blue Belt: Marine invasives mitigation’. The project, lead by Dr Dan Bayley, aims to increase awareness of marine invasive and non-native species (INNS) and identify the potential risk they present for South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. The project hopes to achieve this aim by reviewing and analysing the mechanisms and pathways by which potential INNS arrive into SGSSI, and to develop risk assessments to mitigate the threat. It is hoped that stakeholder engagement and workshop will raise awareness of the issues and will help to develop policies to protect the marine environment. The work also aims to strengthen cross-territory collaboration by developing complementary policy with regards to INNS, and to enable the overseas territory Governments to plan for, and manage, the sustainable development of their marine environments and to protect their unique biodiversity.

Dan has previously worked with SAERI on a recent EU MOVE project valuing the ecosystem services associated with the extensive kelp forests surrounding the Falkland Islands. He is also an honorary senior research fellow with University College London, and before joining SAERI, Dan was working at UCL developing image-based monitoring technology for quantifying benthic change in the British Indian Ocean Territory, the Philippines, and Fiji. This work followed on from his doctorate work on tropical reef biodiversity and function with the Natural History Museum, UCL and the Zoological Society of London. Before this he worked as an advisor for JNCC for 3 years helping to create a network of offshore marine protected areas (MPAs) around the UK. He also worked at the Marine Biological Association and the Countryside council for Wales, creating inshore MPAs and monitoring the recovery of their species and habitats.

He completed an MSc at Bangor University in 2010, and he completed his BSc at Edinburgh University in 2006. He is a keen diver and has worked on a range of marine projects around the world, focussing on tropical coral reefs and temperate subtidal systems.