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MOVE-ON: Promoting Mapping and Ecosystem Services in Europe’s Overseas Territories

MOVE-ON: From Case Studies to Anchor Projects – Setting the ground to advance MAES (Mapping And Ecosystem Services) in Europe’s overseas (May 2020 – October 2022).

MOVE-ON is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to advance mapping and ecosystem services methodology implementation in European Outermost Regions (ORs) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). The project also intends to create and strengthen the scientific and technical MAES community in those territories, tackling the bottom-up approach initiated in MOVE project and demonstrating the benefits of ecosystems conditions assessments and their services to support decision-making.

The core goal of MOVE-ON is to contribute to the EU and international policies and goals, developing and disseminating good practice guidelines and policy recommendations for improving the health status of ecosystems tailored for overseas regions specificities and needs, pooling resources, involving and empowering local actors.

MOVE-ON is coordinated by the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT) from Regional Government of the Azores (Portugal) and integrates partners from France (4), the UK (2), Germany (1), and Italy (1). It complements and expands the activities of the MOVE project, strengthening links and capitalizing the on-going work to further test and implement the MAES methodology in different regions underpinned by four anchor projects in French Guiana, Macaronesia, Reunion Island and South Atlantic Region.

The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) will be leading on the delivery of the South Atlantic Anchor Project, which aims to make MAES outputs meaningfully available for policy and decision makers on the island of St Helena. SAERI will also lead on scrutinising the process and lessons learned from this anchor project in order to produce a set of guidelines on ‘bridging the gap’ between policy and evidence on small islands and/or resource-limited entities.

Jamestown, St Helena. Photo courtesy of Dani Baigorri