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Paul Brickle took up his appointment with SAERI in March 2012 marking its formation. Paul is an experienced marine ecologist with a great deal of South Atlantic expertise. Paul joins SAERI after 15 years working as a Fisheries Biologist and Marine Ecologist with the Falkland Islands Government Fisheries Department. Paul has a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He also has an MSc and PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in fisheries biology and zoology respectively. His experience which includes fisheries biology, marine biology and ecology, stock assessment methods, oceanography and modern statistical methods. He has led numerous research programmes and managed the performance of other scientists. Paul is also a Reader at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen.


Paul leads a team of three area specialists where, collectively, they navigate the current and future environment so that SAERI can thrive, flourish and grow.


Director - resources
Teresa is a rounded business professional who specialises in environmental and human sustainability. She graduated in 2007 with an MBA from the Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 2014 from SOAS (London) with an MSc in Sustainable Development, specialising in Environmental Management. She established, implemented and managed the Anglo American Green Fund, a fund of ZAR100 million for investment into environmental businesses with investments ranging from Concentrated Solar Power plants to biofuels to waste management. She has also specialised in establishing entities linked to charity organisations that aim to provide alternative sources of income to reduce donor dependency. In running her own consultancy she has worked further with charity organisations, assisted with forensic auditing and developed waste management solutions for South African communities. Her role at SAERI is to incorporate the Institute as a separate entity, create and maintain strong governance within the organisation, explore, create commercial opportunities for revenue generation to ensure the sustainability of the organisation – while maintaining the strong Falkland Islands links it enjoys today – and ensure that SAERI is a compelling proposition for investment and as a globally renowned research institute.



Director - International
Tara is an experienced senior leader and has been with SAERI for the last 5 years and oversees an ever-growing portfolio of international work in the South Atlantic, South America, Caribbean and Southern Africa.
Tara’s interest and background covers the whole spectrum of environmental management from conservation and biodiversity to waste management and climate change. She has considerable experience in the oversight and management of both small-scale and larger scale multi-disciplinary portfolios of work that range from on-the ground implementation initiatives to multi-party partnership working platforms. She is also is an experienced in communication, networking, stakeholder engagement, workshop organisation and facilitation, project and programme management. Tara has an MSc from the University of Exeter in Conservation and Biodiversity and a BSc. (Hons) in Geography from the University of St. Andrews. Her previous roles include Senior Overseas Territories Adviser at the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) in UK; Director of the Conservation and Fisheries Department on Ascension Island and Director of the Environmental Management Department on St. Helena Island.



Deputy Director - Science
Alastair joined SAERI as the Deputy Director – Science in February 2020. Alastair’s science expertise includes movement ecology, and over the past 12 years much of his research has focused on the poorly studied pinniped populations breeding at the Falkland Islands. Alastair has a PhD from the University of Adelaide, Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Conservation Medicine from Murdoch University, Australia. The latter reflects his interest and expertise in pinniped aneasthesia. Alastair’s main role as the Deputy Director – Science is to support the delivery of SAERI’s scientific programs and to work closely with the Director to continue to develop strategic South Atlantic research.

SAERI couldn't do what it does without the people in the background delivering in the engine room
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