SAERI Scientists attends Careers Day 2022

Amy Constantine

SAERI scientists, were once again happy to receive an invitation to Careers Day 2022 to share their research highlighting some of the amazing opportunities available to those thinking of following a career in science.

Careers Day is a day to showcase to all students attending the Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) the varied career opportunities available to them here on the Falklands.

To start off, the students were split into two group and rotated between the two Science Labs.  

Deputy Director Dr Al Baylis talked about tracking Seals and Seabirds and what tech is used to do this followed by a talk from Marine & Coastal Program Coordinator Dr Narissa Bax, about Coldwater Corals and how sea life gives us a clue about previous glacier cycles. Marine Ecologist, Dr Tabitha Pearman concluded the talks with her journey through science and showed what equipment she uses for the Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems project. The students then were able to have a look at some Coldwater coral samples along with tagging equipment, video and camera equipment and were shown how it is used out in the field.

In with Dr Steffi Carter, Terrestrial scientist and PhD student Amy Guest (a former FICS student) the students got a taste of the Falklands wetlands and aquatic habitats. A brief was given on what pH and electrical conductivity are and why they are important before carrying out some tasks. They had to measure the pH, EC and salinity of 3 pond water samples, identify and count freshwater invertebrates to then match up the samples to their locations in the Falklands.

It was a brilliant afternoon for the team sharing their journeys in science and inspiring the students with the amazing projects and teams they have been a part of and led. We were overwhelmed with the turnout of students and how well they engaged with asking questions and enthusiastically taking part in the practical’s – of course, delving into pond samples is always a hit!

Thanks to all the students and the team at FICS and Falklands College for a fantastic event – we look forward to next year’s one already!

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