SHRI: Saint Helena Research Institute

SAERI is supporting a growing network of Territory-led research institutes. The St. Helena Research Institute (SHRI) , a ‘sister’ Institute was launched on the 12th November 2019. SAERI sits on the SHRI Steering Committee and is an advisory member of the SHRI Council.

SHRI work to support and conduct world class research on St Helena Island across the range of natural, earth, business, humanities and social sciences. Their mission is to grow and share knowledge, manage data, teach, train and build capacity to improve the quality of people’s lives, support sustainable living and care for our shared natural and physical environment and cultural heritage.

SHRI seeks to promote St Helena’s research priorities locally and internationally. SHRI supports researchers in developing and submitting their applications to the St Helena Research Council, ensuring that they meet ethical and responsible standards for research and are equitable in benefit sharing.

SHRI strives to build and maintain effective partnerships, networks and connections, locally and internationally, to conduct and finance research on St Helena.

SHRI works with other key stakeholders and the research community to help assure the collection, preservation, and appropriate use and dissemination of research data and findings from research conducted on St Helena.

SHRI provides technical and administrative support to the Research Council, who manage and oversee research on St Helena and advise on policy and the licencing process.

SHRI facilitates community engagement and collaborations with local organisations, developing learning and training opportunities.

SHRI Goals are:

To protect St Helena’s people, heritage and environment
To promote and expand reputable research on St Helena that contributes to sustainable development;
To protect St Helena’s people, heritage and environment;
To ensure equitable benefit sharing, maximising benefits to St Helena and the researcher;
To promote ethical, responsible, high-quality research that respects, protects and benefits St Helena’s society, culture, heritage and environment.
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PO Box 609, Stanley Cottage North
Ross Road, Falkland Islands
Stanley, FIQQ 1ZZ
Falkland Islands: +500 27374
UK Office: +44 (0)203 745 1731
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