Amy Guest – PhD continues well

Amy Guest

The last 3 months I have spent some time diving with my collaborators SMSG to collect data for my PhD chapter ‘Temporal Ecology of the Falkland Islands’. This involves returning to my regular dive sites to monitor how seasons might influence local marine communities. As usual with the Falklands, the main challenge has been waiting for the good weather days to get out on the boats!

Diving around the Tussac islands near Cape Pembroke
Besides diving, I took leave over the Christmas period, have been busy working on my university assessments and literature review, attending online workshops and lectures, planning a potential visit to the University of Aberdeen later in the year and talking to SAERI’s Chilean contacts regarding sample collections and future collaboration.

It has also been really refreshing to visit students at the local school during their careers day, as well as helping on an intertidal beach survey for a year 7 science project, which hopefully inspired some students to take up rock pooling!
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