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December 2022

September 2022

August 2022

SAERI’s VME Project publishes the first quantitative analysis of the Falkland Islands deep-sea megafauna based on benthic imagery

May 2022

VME project lead Dr Tabitha Pearman presents the latest research findings from the VME project at the international GeoHab conference in Italy.

Southern Curretns Newsletter piece: SAERI’s Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems Project shines the light on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems of the Southwest Atlantic

April 2022

Our microscopes have arrived!

March 2022

Southern Currents Newsletter piece: Movements in the Deep

The latest deep-water camera system has arrived! These cameras will be mounted into a specially adapted camera frame which will enable them to be attached to long lines, so that the VME project can observed animals and habitats on the seabed.

November 2021

Dr Claire Goodwin provided training to SAERI scientists on sponge identification enabling the VME project to generate an improved deep-sea sponge inventory for the Falkland Islands deep-sea. This is an important stage of the VME projects agenda as sponges are indicators of vulnerable marine ecosystems.  

June 2021

Dr Tabitha Pearman has had her abstract, ‘Internal tides as a structuring factor of faunal patterns in submarine canyons’ accepted and published in the book of abstracts for the forthcoming INCISE (a submarine canyon conference). More info and registrations here:

2nd April 2021

This month, bycatch sample specimens from the VME Project were taken to the Falkland Island Fisheries labs to be identified and measured.

February 2021

8th - 19th January 2021

The first cruise of the VME project funded by CFL was successfully undertaken between January 8th- 19th 2021 aboard CFL Hunter.

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